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You can use our technology to produce electricity, steam, hot water, hot air and cooling.

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Following a Customerís request to energetically recover more and more different types of waste, Uniconfort is intensifying the analysis and tests in its Research Centre in San Martino di Lupari (PD) in Italy.  read more...read more...
Eco Link Power Ltd has secured an exclusive agreement to bring ground breaking biomass gasification technology to the UK and Ireland.  read more...read more...

Biomass Steam Boilers and more

If you are looking for a environmentally friendly energy solution biomass boilers producing steam or other outputs maybe for you. Eco Link Power can guide you through the selection and installation process with confidence call us now on 01476 530302 for a competitive quote and more information.

Donít throw away an opportunity!

We all know of our collective responsibility to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and to reduce the waste we send to landfill. A new ground breaking clean and green technology is now available from Eco Link Power Ltd that can achieve both these aims. This technology produces electricity, steam, heating, hot water or cooling using waste or by-products as biomass fuel.

Eco Link Power Ltd are green energy specialists who supply modular biomass gasification technology for commercial and industrial clients, together with a complete service from concept to commissioning, undertaking planning and management of major installations. Our knowledge and experience is matched by our genuine passion to find solutions which will help to harness the value of waste material.


Eco Link Power:
Proven Biomass Gasification Technology

Eco Link Power is focused on technology that creates energy using biomass fuel sources.
The newest method for energy generation is known as gasification. This method captures 65-70% of the energy present in solid fuels by first converting it into combustible gases. These gases are then burned, like we currently burn natural gas to create energy.

When biomass is heated in the absence of oxygen syngas is eluted. The syngas can be collected, cooled, cleaned, pressurised and utilised for combustion or these steps can be eliminated and the syngas consumed. Syngas burns cleanly into water vapor and carbon dioxide. Inorganic components, such as metals and minerals, are trapped in an inert form of ash. Many claim to do it, but not many do it; itís completely different to burning!

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